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학술대회 Field Trial of Millimeter-Wave-based MHN System for Vehicular Communications
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김준형, 정희상, 노고산, 회빙, 김일규, 최영민, 한영남
European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP) 2018, pp.1-5
17HF1900, 평창 동계올림픽 5G 통신서비스 지원을 위한 차세대 통신네트워크 기술개발, 정현규
In this paper, we presented a preliminary field trial conducted at Yulgok street in Gangneung city, Korea, which is a typical urban environment, and showed the feasibility of millimeter-wave (mmWave)-based Mobile Hotspot Network (MHN) system for vehicular communications. The paper also provided a brief overview of the MHN system mainly focusing on the design of physical layer, radio frequency (RF) and antenna. Using the first version of MHN prototype, we tested the performance of the system at three different paths of Yulgok street, and the test results revealed that the downlink data rate of 1Gbps was achievable at most of testing paths except for some spots where slight performance degradations were observed mainly due to the beam misalignment and blockage of line-of-sight (LoS) signal. Through the field trial, we can also draw several conclusions giving us valuable insights into developing future versions of MHN system for vehicular communications.
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Beam misalignment, Field trial, Line-Of-Sight(LOS), Mobile Hotspot, Physical Layer, Vehicular Communication, data rate, millimeter wave(mmWave), urban environment