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Journal Article High-Pressure Endurable Flexible Tactile Actuator based on Microstructured Dielectric Elastomer
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Dongbum Pyo, 류세민, 경기욱, Yun Sung Ryul, 권동수
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Applied Physics Letters, v.112 no.6, pp.1-5
American Institute of Physics (AIP)
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18ZS1300, The development of smart context-awareness foundation technique for major industry acceleration, Jang Byungtae
We demonstrate a robust flexible tactile actuator that is capable of working under high external pressures. The tactile actuator is based on a pyramidal microstructured dielectric elastomer layer inducing variation in both mechanical and dielectric properties. The vibrational performance of the actuator can be modulated by changing the geometric parameter of the microstructures. We evaluated the performance of the actuator under high-pressure loads up to 25 kPa, which is over the typical range of pressure applied when humans touch or manipulate objects. Due to the benefit of nonlinearity of the pyramidal structure, the actuator could maintain high mechanical output under various external pressures in the frequency range of 100-200 Hz, which is the most sensitive to vibration acceleration for human finger pads. The responses are not only fast, reversible, and highly durable under consecutive cyclic operations, but also large enough to impart perceivable vibrations for haptic feedback on practical wearable device applications.
KSP Keywords
Dielectric elastomer(DE), Dielectric properties, Frequency Range, Geometric parameter, Haptic Feedback, Human finger, Pressure loads, Pyramidal structure, Vibration acceleration, Wearable device, device applications