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학술대회 Power Conditioning System with Seamless Mode Transition for Microgrid Island Operations
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허세완, 한진수, 박완기
International Systems Conference (SysCon) 2018, pp.706-711
18PH1400, 커뮤니티에너지공급(CES) 시설 기반 분산자원 활용 마이크로그리드 BM 개발 및 실증, 박완기
This paper proposes a design of power conditioning system (PCS) and microgrid island operations which is based on the PCS. The microgrid can be islanded from a utility grid and can be connected to the grid seamlessly after phase detection and synchronization to the grid through a phase-locked loop and a slew-rate controlled synchronizer, respectively. There are three microgrid operations based on the PCS. The microgrid detects a grid failure and switches fast to an island in the protection mode. On the other hand, it changes the operation mode smoothly through a stabilization period in the auto-island mode. The microgrid can also be an island through matching the supply and load during connection to the grid in the zero-energy mode. The function and performance of the PCS were verified though simulations with the PSIM tool. The PCS detected the grid failure and islanded successfully within 1 ms. Moreover, there was no influence on the load through the seamless mode transition.
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Grid failure, Island mode, Operation modes, Phase Detection, Phase locked loop(PLL), Protection mode, Slew Rate, Zero-energy mode, microgrid operations, mode transition, power conditioning system