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학술대회 Advanced Multitenant Hadoop in Smart Open Data Platform
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차우, 원희선
International Conference on Big Data and Internet of Things (BDIOT) 2017, pp.48-51
17HS4900, 국제표준 기반 오픈 데이터 유통 플랫폼 확장 기술 개발, 원희선
Nowadays, there has been an immense amount of data coming from various devices sensors, social networks and IoT services. Among these data, open data is playing more and more important role in practice. Many individuals and organizations collect a broad range of different types of data in order to perform their analytic tasks. However, the current open data platforms still have many limitations. Among the drawbacks, data management, an important process of analytic service development, needs to be improved significantly. The main reason is that the emergence of massive data explosion coming from various sources has been making the process become more and more complicated and costly. Therefore, we propose here a system related to the field of data management to allow multitenant users to find and access easily their desired data as well as metadata. It also helps improve the performance of platform.
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Analytic service, Data Management, Data explosion, IoT services, Massive Data, Open Data platform, social network(SN)