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학술지 Thick Metal CMOS Technology on High Resistivity Substrate and Its Application to Monolithic L-Band CMOS LNAs
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김천수, 박민, 김충환, 유현규, 조한진
ETRI Journal, v.21 no.4, pp.1-8
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
Thick metal 0.8 μm CMOS technology on high resistivity substrate (RF CMOS technology) is demonstrated for the L-baiid RF IC applications, and we successfully implemented it to the monolithic 900 MHz and 1.9 GHz CMOS LNAs for the first time. To enhance the performance of the RF circuits, MOSFET layout was optimized for high frequency operation and inductor quality was improved by modifying the technology. The fabricated 1.9 GHz LNA shows a gain of 15.2 dB and a NF of 2.8 dB at DC consumption current of 15 mA that is an excellent noise performance compared with the offchip matched 1.9 GHz CMOS LNAs. The 900 MHz LNA shows a high gain of 19 dB and NF of 3.2 dB despite of the performance degradation due to the integration of a 26 nH inductor for input match. The proposed RF CMOS technology is a compatible process for analog CMOS ICs, and the monolithic LNAs employing the technology show a good and uniform RF performance in a five inch wafer.
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Analog CMOS ICs, CMOS Technology, High Frequency(HF), High resistivity, L-band, Noise performance, RF CMOS, RF IC, RF circuits, RF performance, high frequency operation