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학술대회 Buffermap Adaptation Method for MP2P Multimedia Streaming Protocol
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현욱, 이창규, 강신각, 박주영
International Conference on Advanced Communications Technology (ICACT) 2018, pp.701-704
17HE1800, 4K/8K UHD 영상컨텐츠 분산 스트리밍 프로토콜 표준개발, 현욱
On providing multimedia stream over a mesh-based overlay network, the starting point of buffermap is determined through negotiation with other peers. When it boots up, it does not have a starting point of its buffermap, and it can determine this value only by negotiations with other arbitrary peer. If it selects a bad start point, the peer cannot receive stream data because other peer's buffermap may not have a fragment that it needs in some time. There are some jitters in processing media for presentation and network delivery, and it accumulates over timer. This leads to the peer lag behind of actual stream. Hence, it is crucial to adjust the start point of buffermap appropriately during streaming. This paper describes how the problematic situation can be happen, and how to adapt the buffermap for stable multimedia streaming service over a mesh-based overlay network.
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Mesh-based, Multimedia streaming, Starting point, Stream Data, Streaming service, overlay network