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학술대회 SNN-Cache: A Practical Machine Learning-based Caching System Utilizing the Inter-relationships of Requests
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임영빈, Prasanth Prahladan, 김태환, 홍용근, 하상태
Conference on Information Sciences and Systems (CISS) 2018, pp.1-6
An efficient caching algorithm needs to exploit the inter-relationships among requests. We introduce SNN, a practical machine learning-based relation analysis system, which can be used in different areas that require the analysis of relationships among sequenced data such as market basket analysis and online recommendation systems. In this paper, we present SNN-Cache that leverages SNN to utilize the inter-relationships among sequenced requests in caching decision. We evaluate SNN-Cache using an Information Centric Network (ICN) simulator, and show that it decreases the load of content servers significantly compared to a recent size-aware cache replacement algorithm (up to 30.7%) as well as the traditional cache replacement algorithms.
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Cache Replacement Algorithm, Caching systems, Information centric network, Inter-relationships, Learning-based, Online recommendation, Recommendation System, Relation analysis, analysis system, caching algorithm, machine Learning