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학술지 Development and Validation of New Reverberation Chamber for Wireless Devices
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심동욱, 곽상일, 권종화, 박성욱
Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, v.2018, pp.1-13
John Wiley & Sons
17HR4300, 전자파잔향실 기반 실환경 전파 측정 및 평가 기술 연구, 권종화
This paper proposes a reverberation chamber structure consisting of new reflectors and mode stirrers for electromagnetic compatibility and wireless terminal measurements. The key design considerations for them are determined through a reasonable approach to analyze the eigenmode for a reverberation chamber and the standard deviation of its working volume based on 3D simulation. The final designs are expected to improve the standard deviation performance of the initial structure of the reverberation chamber and provide a better mode stirring environment. The results measured in the fabricated chamber demonstrate that these predictions are clearly realized. The results satisfy the main requirements of this paper, which are defined in consideration of the specifications of commercial reverberation chamber products. Therefore, the reverberation chamber of this paper is expected to be useful for performance measurement and evaluation of commercial wireless terminals. To verify this logical approach to obtain a good design and its results, the results measured in the actual fabricated reverberation chamber are described along with analytical and computational results.
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3D Simulation, Chamber structure, Design considerations, Development and validation, Initial structure, Key design, Performance measurement and evaluation, Standard deviation(STD), Wireless devices, computational results, electromagnetic compatibility