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학술지 Efficient Transmission of Multiple Broadcasting Services Using LDM and SHVC
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이재영, 박성익, 권선형, 임보미, 김흥묵, 허남호, Anthony Pesin, Jean-Claude Chevet, Joan Llach, Alan J. Stein, 전성호, Yiyan Wu
IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, v.64 no.2, pp.177-187
17HR2100, 초고품질 UHD (UHQ) 전송 기술 개발, 허남호
In this paper, we present an efficient transmission method of multiple broadcasting services using layered division multiplexing (LDM) and scalable high efficiency video coding (SHVC) based on the next generation terrestrial digital broadcasting standard, advanced television systems committee 3.0. In a two-layer LDM system, each layer forms a physical layer pipe that carries base layer and enhancement layer video streams of SHVC, respectively. This combination of physical and presentation layers technologies can maximize channel utilization when multiple broadcasting services are delivered in a single radio frequency channel with different robustness and reception conditions. An intensive performance analysis is provided when the proposed combination of LDM and SHVC is compared with other approaches, such as time division multiplexing and/or high efficiency video coding simulcast broadcasting. Several performance measurements are also introduced, such as constant data rate measurement and constant quality measurement, which are used to evaluate the performance of video codecs in conjunction with different physical layer system parameters. A prototype hardware system with LDM and SHVC capable of selecting different parameter combinations is tested in the laboratory and in real field environments to verify the performance and feasibility of the proposed LDM and SHVC combination. Results show that the proposed LDM and SHVC combination provides significant gains on video service quality as well as reception robustness.
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Advanced television systems committee(ATSC), Base layer, Channel Utilization, Enhancement layer, Field Environment, Parameter combinations, Performance analysis, Performance measurement, Quality Measurement, Radio Frequency(RF), Scalable high efficiency video coding