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학술대회 Mobile Business Performance Metrics: Framework and Case Study
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김아영, 이준우
International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (ICITST) 2017, pp.179-184
17HS1300, 디지털콘텐츠 In-House R&D, 이준우
The increases in mobile-phone users changed paradigms in mobile business and extended business area and its applications. Therefore, various attempts have been made to succeed in mobile business. In this study, performance indicators for measuring business performance are proposed, also using proposed performance indicators framework for analyzing usage-focused mobile business is suggested. Based on the characteristics of mobile business, performance indicators are classified to Customer Retention and Product Engagement. The customer's usage data automatically collected from mobile application is analyzed by 2 performance indicators. In this paper, we will suggest the mobile business analysis framework for performance indicators, and introduce the result of analysis through case-study. The suggestion and mobile business analysis framework from this study support decision making in mobile business area such as mobile marketing and mobile commerce.
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Business Performance, Business analysis, Case studies, Mobile Application(APP), Mobile business, Mobile commerce, Performance indicators, Study support, analysis framework, customer retention, decision making