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학술대회 ShmCaffe: A Distributed Deep Learning Platform with Shared Memory Buffer for HPC Architecture
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안신영, 김중헌, 임은지, 최완, Aziz Mohaisen, 강성원
International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS) 2018, pp.1118-1128
18HS2700, 대규모 딥러닝 고속 처리를 위한 HPC 시스템 개발, 최완
One of the reasons behind the tremendous success of deep learning theory and applications in the recent days is advances in distributed and parallel high performance computing (HPC). This paper proposes a new distributed deep learning platform, named ShmCaffe, which utilizes remote shared memory for communication overhead reduction in massive deep neural network training parameter sharing. ShmCaffe is designed based on Soft Memory Box (SMB), a virtual shared memory framework. In the SMB framework, the remote shared memory is used as a shared buffer for asynchronous massive parameter sharing among many distributed deep learning processes. Moreover, a hybrid method that combines asynchronous and synchronous parameter sharing methods is also discussed in this paper for improving scalability. As a result, ShmCaffe is 10.1 times faster than Caffe and 2.8 times faster than Caffe-MPI for deep neural network training when Inception\-v1 is trained with 16 GPUs. We verify the convergence of the Inception\-v1 model training using ShmCaffe-A and ShmCaffe-H by varying the number of workers. Furthermore, we evaluate scalability of ShmCaffe by analyzing the computation and communication times per one iteration of deep learning training in four convolutional neural network (CNN) models.
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Communication overhead, Convolution neural network(CNN), Deep neural network(DNN), High Performance Computing, Learning platform, Learning training, Neural network training, Shared buffer, Virtual Shared Memory, deep learning(DL), hybrid method