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학술대회 Design of an LPWAN Communication Module Based on Secure Element for Smart Parking Application
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전용성, 주홍일, 윤승용
International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE) 2018, pp.1-2
17HH6300, 안전한 IoT 디바이스를 위한 Hardware Security Module 기반의 LPWAN 보안 기술 개발, 전용성
LPWAN is expected to be used in various IoT applications such as smart parking, environment monitoring, etc. This paper introduces a method of processing LoRaWAN protocol which is one of LPWAN using Secure Element. If important information such as keys are stored in a General purpose MCU which is used frequently by IoT device, keys can be easily leaked by hacking. Therefore, this paper proposes a method to safely store keys and to process LoRaWAN protocol more securely based on Secure Element. In this paper, security functions such as data encryption and message signing are handled by the Secure Element. Therefore, the keys required to perform these functions are also managed within the Secure Element. And, this paper also proposes efficient integrity verification method of the executable of the main MCU based on Secure Element.1
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Communication module, Environment monitoring, IOT applications, Integrity verification, IoT Devices, Secure Element, Smart Parking, data encryption, verification method