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학술지 Energy Management Integrated Circuit for Multi-Source Energy Harvesters in WBAN Applications
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김성은, 강태욱, 오광일, 박미정, 박형일, 임인기, 이재진
Applied Sciences, v.8 no.8, pp.1-17
18ZB1200, 임플란터블 능동 전자소자 원천기술 개발, 이정익
This paper presents an energy management integrated circuit for multiple energy harvesters in wireless body area network applications. The electrical power acquired from a single energy harvester around a human body is limited to micro watts, which is insufficient to drive a wearable electronic device. To increase this small amount, the energy from a number of harvesters has to be combined. By combining the energy from multiple distributed harvesters, each one producing negligible energy, significant energy for wearable devices can be obtained. In designing an energy management circuit for a wearable device, there are two issues to be resolved. The first is related to the power consumption of the circuit, and the second issue is related to the methods needed to manage the wide range of power that occurs as the energy input changes during harvesting. In this paper, an energy management circuit that resolves the two issues above is described. The circuit was integrated using 0.13 μm Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor technology. The energy management circuit is designed to combine up to three sources of harvested energy with more than 90% operating efficiency over the entire power range of the energy harvested.
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Body Area Networks(BANs), Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor(CMOS), Electrical power, Energy management circuit, Human body, Integrated circuit, Metal-oxide(MOX), Multi-source, Network applications, Operating Efficiency, Power Consumption
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