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학술대회 The Blockchain for Domain based Static Sharding
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유현경, 임종철, 김선미
International Conference On Trust, Security And Privacy In Computing And Communications (TrustCom) 2018/International Conference On Big Data Science And Engineering (BigDataSE) 2018, pp.1689-1692
18HH1100, 초연결 지능 인프라 원천기술 연구개발, 김선미
Blockchain is the shared distributed ledger to record the history of transactions. In blockchain network, nodes validate the transactions and reach the consensus on the ordered transactions. The more transactions are happened, the more processing powers of nodes are needed. Shard is introduced to blockchain for processing the multiple transactions in parallel. In this paper, we propose the blockchain for a domain based static sharding. We split a blockchain into multiple shards based on the domain. In each shard, nodes validate the multiple transactions concurrently and keep the shard's ledger separately. With this, it can be processing of low-latency transaction. Also, by changing the composition of committee members that validate blocks dynamically, we can enable the blockchain to be more trust.
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BlockChain, Distributed ledger, Low latency