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학술지 Highly-Sensitive Refractive Index Sensing by Near-infrared Metatronic Nanocircuits
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A. R. Rashed, B. Gudulluoglu, 윤혜원, M. Habib, I. H. Boyaci, 홍성훈, E. Ozbay, H. Caglayan
Scientific Reports, v.8, pp.1-9
Nature Publishing Group
In this work, we present a highly-sensitive refractive index sensor based on metatronic nanocircuits operating at near-infrared spectral range. The structure is designed based on simple nanorod geometry and fabricated by nanopatterning of transparent conducting oxides. The functionality of these polarization dependent metatronic nanocircuits is enhanced by applying tunable response. This feature is investigated by depositing NH2 (Amine) groups via plasma polymerization technique on top of indium-tin-oxide nanorods. The dielectric constant of Amine groups is a function of their thickness, which can be controlled by the RF power and the혻time duration of the applied plasma polymerization process. The resonance wavelengths of nanocircuits shift to higher wavelength, as the dielectric constant of the deposited material increases. An excellent agreement between the design and experimental results are obtained. Our metatronic based nanosensor offers a high-sensitive performance of 1587 nm/RIU with a satisfactory figure of merit for this class of sensors.
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Amine group, Dielectric Constant, Figure of merit, High sensitive, Highly sensitive, Near-Infrared(NIR), Polymerization process, RF Power, Refractive index sensing, Refractive index sensor, Sensor based