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학술대회 Code Release Model for Technology Transfer on R&D Projects of SW Development
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Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET) 2018, pp.1-5
17ZS1200, 언어장벽 없는 국가 구현을 위한 자동통번역 산업 경쟁력 강화 사업, 김상훈
This paper describes development technology verification and code release model that verifies and manages development technology and code in SW development R D project. The proposed technology validation and code release model includes preparation and review of documented test cases according to the requirements at the requirement definition stage, utilization of the prepared test cases at the design and implementation stages by the developer, update of the test cases, static analysis of code, open source licensing verification methods and procedures, as well as demo and static analysis and verification of open source licensing additions to confirm development technology by quality agents prior to transferring the development technology to the enterprise after technology development. After validating the development technology and applying the code release model, the developers responded that the improvement in the development technique and the completion of the source code is more than 10% ~ 30%.
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Release model, Requirement definition, Source Code, Technology validation, design and implementation, open source licensing, static analysis, technology transfer, test cases