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학술지 Low-Power, High Data-Rate Digital Capsule Endoscopy Using Human Body Communication
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박미정, 강태욱, 임인기, 오광일, 김성은, 이재진, 박형일
Applied Sciences, v.8 no.9, pp.1-17
18ZB1200, 임플란터블 능동 전자소자 원천기술 개발, 이정익
A technology for low-power high data-rate digital capsule endoscopy with human body communication (CEHBC) is presented in this paper. To transfer the image data stably with low power consumption, the proposed system uses three major schemes: Frequency selective digital transmission (FSDT) modulation with HBC, the use of an algorithm to select electrode pairs, and the LineSync algorithm. The FSDT modulation supports high-data rate transmission and prevents the signal attenuation effect. The selection algorithm of the electrode pair finds the best receiving channel. The LineSync algorithm synchronizes the data and compensates for data polarity during the long data transmission section between the capsule endoscope and the receiver. Because all the major functional blocks of the CEHBC transmitter can be implemented as digital logics, they can be easily fabricated using the field programmable gate array (FPGA). Moreover, this CEHBC transmitter can achieve low power-consumption and can support a relatively high data rate in spite of using its clock a few tens of MHz slower. The proposed CEHBC-TXD is the digital portion of the CEHBC transmitter that provides low-power (3.7 mW) and high data-rate (6 Mbps) performance while it supports a high-resolution image (480 × 480 byte) at 3.13 fps.
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Attenuation effect, Capsule endoscope, Data transmission, Field Programmable Gate Arrays(FPGA), High data rate, Human Body Communication(HBC), Image data, Signal Attenuation, Transmission section, capsule endoscopy, frequency selective digital transmission
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