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학술대회 Monocular depth sense in a light field display
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이범렬, 이형, 손정영, 스미오야노, 손욱호
SPIE Commercial + Scientific Sensing and Imaging 2018 (SPIE 10666), pp.1-10
18HS3400, VR 멀미 저감을 위한 휴먼팩터 파라미터 제어기술 개발(표준화 연계), 손욱호
The accommodation and convergence responses in a light field display which can provide up to 8 images to each eye of viewers are investigated. The DOF (Depth of Field) increase with the increasing number of projected images is verified for both monocular and binocular viewings. 7 subjects with eye sights greater than 1.0 reveal that their responses can match to their real object responses as the number of images increased to 7 and more, though there are distinctive differences between objects. The matching performance of the binocular is more stable than that of the monocular viewing for the number of images less than 6. But the response stability of the accommodation increases as the number becomes more than 7.
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Depth of Field, Depth sense, Light Field Display, Matching performance, Monocular and binocular, Response stability