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학술지 Computational Study on Focused Microwave Thermotherapy for Knee Pathological Treatment
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김장열, 전순익, 이광재, 김보라, 시모노브, 윤준식, 김남, 손성호
IET Microwaves, Antennas and Propagation, v.12 no.12, pp.1901-1907
17ZR1400, 전파 치료를 위한 정밀조사 알고리즘 연구, 손성호
This study is a computational study on focused microwave thermotherapy for knee pathological treatment using the time reversal (TR) principle in musculoskeletal disorders. The authors presented a modified TR algorithm with amplitude compensation for an accurate beam focusing of the knee tumour location in a lossy medium. Furthermore, they proposed a new approach called the truncated threshold method, which could be used to apply an effective beam focusing on a tumour location in the knee while the unwanted hot spots are controlled in the normal tissue region. Compared to the other existing methods, this new approach has the advantages of being implemented simply in the unwanted hot spot control and having a similar performance to the beam focusing on the target location. The application of the proposed algorithm and the new hot spot control method to knee pathological tissue achieved acceptable electromagnetic (EM) and thermal results. The anatomical based twodimensional (2D) knee model for the simulation analysis was implemented using a segmentation result of the Korean human body model obtained from magnetic resonance imaging. 2D finite-difference time-domain electromagnetic and thermal solvers were developed and applied to conduct the 915 MHz focused microwave thermotherapy for knee pathological treatment.
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915 MHz, Amplitude compensation, Computational study, Finite Difference Time Domain(FDTD), Hot spot, Lossy medium, Magnetic Resonance imaging(MRI), Magnetic resonance(MR), Microwave thermotherapy, Musculoskeletal Disorders, New approach