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학술대회 The Method for Generating a Trust Field in Wireless Distributed Communication Systems
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International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2018, pp.939-942
18HR3100, 고신뢰성 다종 무인이동체 통신 및 보안 SW기술 개발, 안재영
This paper presents a method for effectively generating a trust field in a wireless distributed communication system. In wireless distributed communication, anyone can transmit a signal, and anyone can receive the transmitted signal. Therefore, it is very important to secure the reliability of packets transmitted and received. This paper proposes a trust field as a method for securing reliability of a packet. The trust field is a small number of bits of trust data. The trust field can be received by anyone, but its reliability can only be checked by the management system. We design a pseudorandom number generator to generate a trust field. In the field of wireless communications, existing pseudorandom number generators are mainly used for scrambling data. However, in the field of distributed wireless communication, if data are scrambled then an unspecified number of distributed terminals could not receive the scrambled data. We designed the reliability check of the trust field very complicated, and as a result, the hacking terminal makes it impossible to perform the trust check. Nevertheless, the proposed trust field generation method allows a management system that knows the secret key to check reliability very quickly. There are hardware-based and software-based methods for generating random numbers. In the hardware methods [1]-[4], although the random number generation speed is high, the transmitting and receiving terminal could not generate a same random number. The software methods [5]-[7] could generate random numbers that match the sending and receiving terminals, but the calculation speed is very slow. We applied a hardware-based method to generate pseudorandom numbers. Although the proposed method is a hardware scheme, the transmitting and receiving terminals can generate a same random number. For example, if you use a 32-bit register to generate a same random number, you must exchange the 159-bit secret key.
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Distributed communication system, Management system, Random Number Generation, Receiving terminal, Software methods, Trust field, pseudo-random number generator(PRNG), secret key, wireless communication