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학술대회 A System Architecture for Authoring and Utilizing a Realistic 3D Geospatial City Model
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조정희, 장인성, 주인학, 유재준
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2018, pp.312-314
Realistic contents related industries providing immersive and realistic feeling are being continually developed with the improvement of information and communications technology. In the area of geospatial information, real-world city models are increasingly used in various contents (e.g., movies, games, sports, or tourism). Given this trend, there is growing demand for sharing and opening 3D spatial information as infrastructure that creates added value by combining with numerous industrial domains such as virtual/augmented reality, disaster management, defense, or a smart city. In this paper, we introduce our nascent system for authoring and utilizing a realistic 3D geospatial city model.
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3D spatial, Augmented reality(AR), Disaster management, Information and communication technology(ICT), Real-world, Smart city, System architecture, Virtual and augmented reality, World city, added value, city model