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학술대회 A Tesbed for Experimenting IoT Platform on High-Voltage Customer Electrical Installation
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강현주, 심태형, 김성혜, 정상진, 안윤영
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2018, pp.1301-1304
This paper presents the testbed design and experiment of high-voltage customer electrical equipment that is applied IoT platform. As a device for confirming the safety of high-voltage electrical equipment, a temperature sensor, a partial discharge sensor, a grounding sensor, and a relay from an electric facility were installed. In order to gather the data from various communication scheme, we introduced the IoT Adaptor which has several interfaces like Modbus, Serial and Ethernet. After we analyzed the amount of load and temperatures of three phase power line by IoT Adaptor and made trip signal to circuit breaker when the temperature were abnormally high.
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Circuit Breaker, Electrical installation, High-voltage electrical equipment, IoT Platform, Partial Discharge(PD), Power Line, Testbed Design, Three-Phase, temperature sensor(LM35)