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학술대회 A Multiple Hash Routing Scheme for Fast Data Retrieval in ICN
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정희영, 김선미
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2018, pp.1562-1565
Compared to legacy TCP/IP networking, a notable feature of ICN is to utilize in-network storages. ICN architectures basically adopt on-path caching mechanism. However, the benefits of on-path caching are limited because the caching is bounded to ICN nodes on the request path. To overcome the limitation of on-path caching mechanism, various types of off-path caching mechanism have been proposed. This paper proposes a novel off-path caching mechanism for fast data retrieval. The proposed off-path mechanism is named as GHR which stands for a Geographic information based Hash Routing for ICN. The basic approach of GHR is to directly hash data name into geographic value to determine the closest data storage.
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Caching Mechanism, Fast data retrieval, Geographic Information, In-network, Off-path caching, On-path Caching, data storage, hash routing, routing scheme