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학술대회 Link Budget Analysis of DSRC System Using Pathloss Model for Multiple Vehicle Nodes
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송유승, 이신경, 이정우
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2018, pp.1344-1349
18ZS1300, 주력 산업 고도화를 위한 지능형 상황인지 기반 기술 개발, 장병태
Recently, several projects for cooperative intelligent transportation systems (C-ITS) are being actively conducted all over the world. The C-ITS is expected to secure the safety of road traffic and provide more convenient transportation services to drivers. The dedicated short range communication (DSRC) technology is a vehicle communication technology developed for the purpose of providing an ITS service. So far, many studies and field tests using a DSRC technology have been conducted. However, there has been lack of link budget studies related to both the packet collision and packet error under the multiple vehicle node environment. In this paper, we analyze link budget performance for multiple vehicle nodes in a Rayleigh fading channel. The successive packet delivery rate is numerically analyzed by considering packet collisions and packet errors due to multiple nodes and path loss, respectively. From the link budget results, the throughput performance is analyzed for the link distance. In this paper, we compare the performance results for the number of nodes and the modulation schemes, and propose link conditions to satisfy proper inter-vehicle communication performance.
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C-ITS, Communication performance, Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems, Field Test, Intelligent Transport Systems(ITS), Inter Vehicle Communication, Link Budget Analysis, Link distance, Modulation scheme, Packet collision, Packet delivery rate