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학술대회 A Data-centric Network Architecture for Service Optimization and Data Sharing
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김선미, 김상기, 박세형, 김상하
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2018, pp.505-508
18HH1100, 초연결 지능 인프라 원천기술 연구개발, 김선미
In a hyper-connected intelligent society, data is at the core of businesses. However, currently there is no platform that optimizes the data lifecycle which involves collection, processing, and utilization of data. The existing practice is application specific and based on individual software. By having monolithic characteristics for processing and sharing data, we encounter a limit in the development of applications and observe network bandwidth inefficiency. On the other hand, in current data sharing and utilization procedures, data is being collected vertically, as in an application-domain silo; it drastically increases the overhead in processing data in terms of utilization and sharing. In this paper, we propose Data-centric Network Architecture, a new network design for the future applications that require optimized executions and active data-sharing amongst application domains. We believe Data-centric Network Architecture will serve as a useful common platform for creating new businesses and values in a hyper-connected society.
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Active data, Application-specific, Connected society, Data Lifecycle, Data sharing, Data-centric, Future applications, Hyper-connected, Network Architecture, Network bandwidth, Service Optimization