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Conference Paper Wideband Transmission for Unmanned Aircraft Systems
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Lim Kwang Jae, Kim Hee Wook, Hong Tae Chul, Ahn Jae Young
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International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2018, pp.1518-1520
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18HR3100, Development of High Reliable Communications and Security SW for Various Unmanned Vehicles, Ahn Jae Young
To design a wideband UAV link, we propose two candidate waveforms, SC-FDMA with windowing and SC-FDE with RRC filtering. Considering UAV channel and operation environments, a unified frame structure for both waveforms is also proposed. Based on the simulation results on transport block error on UAV multipath fading channels, we show that the performance of the two waveforms is similar. The wideband UAV link using SC-FDE-RRC is recommended in terms of coverage and spectrum shape.
KSP Keywords
AND operation, Multipath fading channel, SC-FDE, Single carrier Frequency Division Multiple Access(SCFDMA), Unified frame structure, Unmanned Aircraft System(UAS), simulation results