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학술대회 ESS Simulation based on PV Generation Prediction
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구태연, 박완기, 최훈
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2018, pp.953-955
18PH1200, 신재생 비율 및 그리드 특성에 따른 그리드 안정화 기술용 ESS 최적 연계 기술 개발 및 실증, 박완기
For the renewable energy business, technologies that can maximize energy efficiency such as energy information collection, energy management and operation, and economic analysis are needed. You need to be able to calculate thorough economic analysis and profit before you need it. It is necessary to be able to analyze the present energy demand to predict the future demand, and to be able to calculate the energy production requirement based thereon. In this way, it is necessary to be able to estimate the facilities considering economic efficiency and calculate the economic benefit for each region. For this, this paper shows ESS Simulation based on PV Generation Prediction.
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AND operation, Economic benefits, Energy Efficiency, Energy Information, Energy business, Energy production, Management and operation, PV Generation, each region, economic analysis, economic efficiency