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학술대회 Path Loss Analysis for Anomalous Propagation with Atmospheric Refractive Index
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오진형, 김종호, 정영준
International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAP) 2018, pp.867-868
18HR1400, 선제적 주파수 이용을 위한 시·공간적 스펙트럼 엔지니어링 기술 개발, 정영준
The term 'anomalous propagation' refers to a phenomenon in which a signal is received that should not reach the duct layer where the atmospheric refractive index, which is calculated by combining weather information such as temperature, humidity, and air pressure, decreases with altitude. It is thought that it is necessary to analyze the anomalous phenomenon and to find the solution method because the problem of interference between adjacent countries may occur due to the anomalous phenomenon. In this paper, we investigated the anomalous propagation phenomenon by measuring the received signal strength between Jeju Island and Jin-do by using the anomalous propagation measurement system and compared with atmospheric refractive index.
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Anomalous Propagation, Jeju Island, Loss Analysis, Path loss, Radio signal strength(RSS), Weather information, air pressure, measurement system, propagation measurement, propagation phenomenon, refractive index