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학술대회 Real-Time 2D Microwave Differential Imaging for Temperature Monitoring
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이광재, 김장열, 김보라, 전순익, 김남, 손성호
International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAP) 2018, pp.45-46
18ZR1200, 지능형 전파센서 및 무선 에너지 전송 원천기술 개발, 이호진
A non-invasive 2D microwave differential imaging (MDI) system for real-time temperature change monitoring is presented. The proposed MDI system operating at 925 MHz consists of a 16 channel array antenna, a cylindrical shaped imaging tank, a microwave switching matrix and a vector network analyzer. The MDI method for temperature monitoring is predicated on the changes in dielectric contrast of imaging targets with changing temperature. For reconstructed image, we use the Distorted Born Approximation (DBA) and Tikhonov regularization to solve 2D surface integral equation (SIE) and discrete linear inverse problem. The MDI system is tested on water target and a honeycomb shape phantom. Experimental results are presented to show the feasibility of the temperature monitoring inside human body for biomedical applications.
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Array antenna, Biomedical applications, Born approximation, Change monitoring, Human body, Integral Equation(IE), Non-invasive, Real-Time, Surface integral equation(SIE), Switching Matrix, Temperature change