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학술대회 Data sharing in a Collaborative Product Design Environment based on Cryptographic Mechanisms
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김정태, 박소영
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2018, pp.1074-1076
With the continuing development of ICT and rapid spread of high-speed networks, several computer-aided design tools have been improved to support distributed collaborative design. As the information which is generated through these kinds of tools begins to be shared instantly, productivity of collaboration is increasing continuously. To ensure this information is conveniently and safely accessible, many mechanisms have been proposed to manage systematically product information using access control and encryption. However, the previous methods have drawbacks in aspect of scalability, flexibility and security, so new approach is proposed in this paper. In the proposed system, permission-based access control with lazy revocation is used in which each set of product data is encrypted and stored in data storage. We examined the effectiveness of the proposed method and the advantage of proposed method.
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Collaborative Design, Collaborative product design, Computer-aided design, Data sharing, Design tool, High speed network, New approach, Product Data, Product information, access control, cryptographic mechanisms