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학술대회 Smart Livestock Farms Using Digital Twin: Feasibility Study
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조성균, 박대헌, 박현, 김세한
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2018, pp.1461-1463
18HH4800, 축산질병 예방 및 통제 관리를 위한 ICT 기반의 지능형 스마트 안전 축사 기술 개발, 김세한
While the convergence of ICT in various industries is actively under progress, there is still the nontrivial matter of the livestock industry being smarter and safer. This problem can cause unnecessary expenses in the case of various diseases due to the contamination of livestock farms. In this paper, we propose a design concept of a smart pig farm using digital twin for improving animal welfare as a feasibility study. Digital twin is the digital replica of the real world and is becoming more attractive with the realization of the industry 4.0. Due to the deployment of digital twin, livestock farming has been replicated and simulated to be more vigorous against livestock disorders in the virtual world and applies outcomes to livestock farms in the real world.
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Animal welfare, Design concept, Digital Twin, Digital replica, Feasibility study, Industry 4.0, Livestock farms, Real-world, Virtual world