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학술대회 Adaptive Phase Tracking for Beamforming Phased Array Feeder in Ka-Band Multi-Beam Satellite Communications Payload
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문성모, 윤소현, 장동필, 염인복
Ka and Broadband Communications Conference 2018, pp.1-8
18HR3700, [전문연구실] 위성탑재체 핵심원천기술 개발 , 장동필
This paper presents a beamforming multi-beam satellite (MBS) antenna based on a phased array technique and a boosted-beam control. The presented MBS antenna is specifically designed to cover the whole Korea regions including the southern and northern areas. The proposed MBS antenna consists of waveguide feed network, beamforming circuits, waveguide circular polarizers, 19 radiation elements and a boosted-beam control panel with active component calibration for temperature variation. In order to maximize the flexible performance of the MBS antenna, boosted-beam mode is supported to meet the required high power signal due to bad weather conditions. The adjustable effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP) range was around 6 dB. There are total 19 beamforming units each configured by drive amplifier, phase shifter and attenuator. Also, one extra beamforming unit synchronized with the other 19 elements is additionally integrated just for calibration purpose. Each beamforming element can control relative phase shift up to 360째 with 1째 step and relative amplitude variation up to 10 dB with 1 dB step as well. Also, each radiation element is configured by waveguide horn and return losses were better than 25 dB from 21.4 GHz to 22 GHz. Because the relative phase shift and amplitude values are controlled by control voltage from 0 V to 3 V in beamforming element control unit, it requires adaptive phase and amplitude tracker unit such as phase and amplitude discriminator to change boost region from nominal pattern for whole Korea region. In this paper, we introduced adaptive phase tracking method and verified this method by implement and measured beam pattern including normal beam (whole Korea region) and regional boost-beam.
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3 V, Active components, Adaptive phase, Amplitude Variation, Beam pattern, Control Unit, Feed network, High power, Multi-beam satellite, Phase Shifter, Phase tracking