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학술대회 Video Object Composition Using Moment Change and Spline Method
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권익환, 박해민, 강대원, 최연준
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2018, pp.1134-1136
In this paper, we propose a natural video object compositing method through moment change and spline method. Video composition method consists of image segmentation and image combination process. In the image segmentation process, the user first sets a bi-map for the first frame, and then performs a grab-cut algorithm. In the conventional method, since the center coordinates of the image are taken and composited, discontinuity occurs when the object moves within the image or when the size of the image is variable. However, we solved the problem by extracting the moment using the mask and moment of the divided object. In addition, after the input path was sampled, the spline method was applied, and the smooth motion of the object was realized by dividing the input path by the total number of frames of the image and setting a path with a constant interval.
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Center Coordinates, Combination process, Conventional methods, Grab-cut, Image combination, Object composition, Smooth Motion, Spline method, Video Composition, Video object, composition method