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학술대회 Interactive Story Maker: Tagged Video Retrieval System for Video Re-creation Service
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곽창욱, 한민호, 김선중, 함경준
International Conference on Multimedia (MM) 2018, pp.1270-1271
18ZH1300, 오픈 시나리오 기반 프로그래머블 인터랙티브 미디어 창작 서비스 플랫폼 개발, 박종현
Users who want to reuse existing videos and re-create new videos need a video retrieval system that searches relevant video clips from a vast amount of video clips. In addition, a re-creation tool is needed that allows users to arrange videos according to the user defined story line using the retrieved videos. Current video retrieval services are based on simple tags, they have potential limitations on searching relevant videos for natural language queries. That is, if you enter a scenario that describes a scene as a query, there is a limitation in getting the appropriate retrieval results. To address these problems, this paper introduces a system that performs query preprocessing and expansions and provides users with retrieval results for a natural language query. In addition, we introduce a web based re-creation tool that can construct story line using retrieved videos and play a re-created video.
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Interactive story, Service users, User-defined, Video clips, Video retrieval, natural language query, retrieval system, web-based