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학술대회 Protection of the Mobile Station from Protection of the Mobile Station from Station in Motion in the 28 GHz Band
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오대섭, 박종민
International Communications Satellite System Conference (ICSSC) 2018, pp.1-4
18HR1100, 국가 위성통신 주파수 자원 확보 및 이용을 위한 위성 스펙트럼 활용 기술 개발, 오대섭
The Earth Stations in Motion (ESIM) system are one of the most modern satellite systems, providing high-speed and high-capacity communication with mobility. ESIM in the Ka-band should be operated under the condition ensuring the protection of existing services in the same frequency band. Therefore compatibility studies of ESIM with incumbent services in the same frequency band should be conducted before authorization, licence or operation of EISM. This paper provides a methodology to assess the interference from maritime ESIM to an MS stations in the 28 GHz frequency band. Taking into account a point-to-point interference scenario, the simulation results show the separation distances between maritime ESIM and MS station for protecting the MS stations. We considered the heights of station, elevation angle and time percentage in calculating the interference to reflect various factors affecting the interference level. The separation distance of up to 155 km would be required to ensure the protection of MS receiver taking the results of simulation into consideration. http://www.
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28 GHz band, High Speed, High-capacity, Interference level, Mobile station(MS), Point-to-Point, Separation distance, elevation angle, frequency band, ka-band, satellite systems