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학술대회 An Open Source Software Framework for Development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-based Services
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문수영, 강동욱, 임창규, 송문섭
Asian/Austrailian Rotorcraft Forum (ARF) 2018, pp.1-5
18JS1500, 무인이동체 미션컴퓨터용 개방형 SW 프레임워크 기술 개발, 송문섭
The importance of offboard control of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) by utilizing mission computer application SW keeps increasing due to the SW reusability and responsiveness requirements. However, there exist difficulties for developing mission computer application SW due to the lack of background knowledge of developers and insufficient documents for them, although there are many open source SW projects for UAVs. Therefore, we need a new SW framework to support mission computer application development based on those open source SW projects. For the above reason, we propose an open source SW framework for supporting development of application SW running on a UAV mission computer. The proposed framework consists of application programming interface (API) with software development kit (SDK), integrated development environment (IDE) and real-time GPU scheduler. The proposed framework aims to facilitate development of mission computer application SW by satisfying SW reusability and responsiveness requirements.
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Application programming interface, Computer application, Integrated development environment, Open Source Software, Real-Time, Software Framework, Software development kit, application development, background knowledge, unmanned aerial vehicle