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학술대회 Cyber Threat Analyses of a UAS Traffic Management System
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왕기철, 황유라, 이수전, 이병선
Asian/Austrailian Rotorcraft Forum (ARF) 2018, pp.1-8
18JH1100, 저고도 무인비행장치 교통관리체계 보안기술 및 불법 행위 억제 기술 개발, 강유성
Unmanned aircraft systems are now attracting a lot of interests from related academic and industry fields because they are expected to be used for various applications in our daily lives. As the number of small UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) increases rapidly, we need a system which monitors and controls the traffic of UAS to guarantee safe flight of UAS in the general airspace. The system is referred to as the UTM (UAS Traffic Management) system, and it is a very crucial architecture because its collapse results in a lot of monetary losses and even casualties due to collisions and crashes. Because the UTM system consists of computer hardware, computer software, database and communication links, it is very vulnerable to various cyber threats. In this paper, we first categorize components of the UTM system into hardware, software and communication components, and analyze cyber threats of each component respectively. Then, we employ the risk evaluation table of ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) to assess likelihood, impact and risk of possible threats to UTM system. This assessment helps a manager of UTM system recognize high priority threats and choose appropriate mitigation techniques for them.
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Collapse results, Communication link, Computer Software, Computer hardware, Cyber threats, Risk evaluation, Traffic Management System, Unmanned Aircraft System(UAS), mitigation techniques, small UAS