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학술대회 Energy Efficient Task Allocation for Distributed Multi-agent System
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김성현, 장인국, 손영성
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2018, pp.1034-1036
18ZH1100, 사물-사람-공간의 유기적 연결을 위한 초연결 공간의 분산 지능 핵심원천 기술, 손영성
According to increase flexibility and capability of devices by development of processing and communication abilities, a multi-agent system (MAS), which is one of the internet of things area, has been actively researched for distributed network environment. In this work, we present a strategy named energy efficient task allocation for multi-agent system (E2T-MAS) in order to maximize the lifetime of MAS over the distributed network. The proposed E2T-MAS obtains not only the energy efficient task allocation but also an efficient communication power control with respect to residual energy and the link capacity of distributed multiple agents. Through the performance comparison, it is verified that the proposed scheme fairly distributes the energy consumption over the agents, and maximizes the lifetime of the MAS for a given time constraint in the system.
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Distributed network environment, Internet of thing(IoT), Link capacity, Multi-agent system(MAS), Multiple Agents, Performance comparison, Power control(PC), Task allocation, distributed multi-agent system, efficient communication, energy consumption