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학술대회 Collaboration of Call Admission Control with Load-balancing in Small-cell Networks
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Md Mehedi Hasan, 권성오, 김성경
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2018, pp.1230-1232
18HH6600, 5G NR 기반 지능형 오픈 스몰셀 기술 개발, 나지현
In cellular networks, call admission control (CAC) prevents network congestion, and guarantees the quality of service (QoS) to existing user equipments (UEs) by rejecting new calls considering the availability of bandwidth or policy reasons. These rejected calls may cause degradation of the overall network throughput. However, collaboration of CAC with a load-balancing algorithm can mitigate the number of rejected calls by triggering a load-balancing algorithm on demand. A load-balancing algorithm handovers some of the UEs from a fully occupied cell to its neighboring cells and make the occupied cell free enough to accept new calls. In this paper, we propose an algorithm for collaborating CAC with load-balancing in ultra-dense small-cell networks. Simulation results show that collaboration of CAC with load-balancing ensures required QoS for the UEs and maximizes the network throughput.
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Admission control(AC), Call Admission Control, Cellular networks, Network Congestion, Network throughput, New calls, Small Cell Network(SCN), User equipment(UE), load balancing algorithm, quality of service(QoS), required QoS