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학술지 Circuit Analysis of Achievable Transmission Efficiency in an Overcoupled Region for Wireless Power Transfer Systems
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최원규, 박찬원, 이기송
IEEE Systems Journal, v.12 no.4, pp.3873-3876
15ZC1200, 대용량 태그 고속인식 및 신뢰성 향상을 위한 수동형 RFID 기술 개발, 박찬원
On nonradiative wireless power transfer (WPT) using a pair of magnetically coupled resonators, we investigate the achievable transmission efficiency for a different set of resonators. Using a simplified equivalent circuit model, we analyze the phenomenon of frequency splitting mathematically in the overcoupled region ( k > k-{\rm {ref}}). Even though the transmission efficiency tends to gradually decrease as the distance between the two resonators gets closer and closer in the overcoupled region, the transmission efficiency can be improved by tracking one of two separated frequency modes. Based on this observation, we prove mathematically that the achievable transmission efficiency at k-{\rm {ref}} is maintained almost constantly even when k > k-{\rm {ref}} if the identical resonators are used. In order to validate the accuracy of the analysis, we design and fabricate two types of magnetically coupled resonators: one is the set of identical resonators and the other is the set of nonidentical resonators. Through experiments in various environments, we show that the analytical results are in good agreement with the measured ones. Our work can provide an insight into design resonators for short-range WPT systems, in order to ensure better and stable performance.
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Circuit analysis, Frequency splitting, Magnetically coupled resonator, WPT System, Wireless Power Transfer Systems(WPTS's), analytical results, equivalent circuit model(ECM), short-range, stable performance, transmission efficiency