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학술대회 Ultimate Resolution Active Matrix Display with Oxide TFT Backplanes for Electronic Holographic Display
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황치선, 김용해, 양종헌, 최지훈, 피재은, 김기현, 황치영, 최경희, 김희옥, 이원재, 박상희, 김진웅
Society for Information Display (SID) International Symposium 2018, pp.610-612
18MF1200, 디지털 홀로그래픽 테이블탑형 단말 기술 개발, 김진웅
Oxide TFT backplane with 1μm channel length was developed for the application to electronic holographic display. Spatial light modulator (SLM) panel with 3μm pixel pitch was designed and successfully fabricated. The resolution of SLM panel was 16K by 3.2K and the diagonal length of active area was 2 inch. Fabricated SLM panel was ECB mode reflective type LCD panel, which could modulate the phase of incident light more than 2?. 3D image was successfully reconstructed with fabricated SLM panel. Vertical channel oxide TFTs are proposed for the switching device of 1μm pixel pitch. Oxide TFTs with ultra short channel length can be an enabler of the active matrix display with ultimate resolution.
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3D Image, Active area, Channel Length, Diagonal length, LCD panel, Oxide TFTs, Short channel, Spatial light modulator(SLM), Switching device, Vertical channel, active matrix display