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학술지 NDR-effect Vertical-illumination-type Ge-on-Si Avalanche Photodetector
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김경옥, 김상훈, 김선애, 오진혁, 장기석
Optics Letters, v.43 no.22, pp.5583-5586
Optical Society of America(OSA)
We present the enhanced performances of a vertical-illumination-type Ge-on-Si avalanche photodetector based on internal RF-gain effects operating up to 50 Gb/s. A fabricated Ge-on-Si avalanche photodetector (APD) exhibits three operational voltage regions associated with different aspects of the current (DC) gain and bandwidth characteristics. The measured current-voltage (I-V) curve of a Ge-on-Si APD exhibits a negative photoconductance (negative differential resistance [NDR]) in a high bias region beyond the avalanche breakdown voltage (V br), where a device shows good eye openings up to 50 Gb/s (non-return-to-zero [NRZ] signal) with further improved signal-to-noise ratios and signal amplitudes. A ROSA packaged module, wherein a fabricated Ge-on-Si APD is wire-bonded to a commercial TIA with a ~75% optical alignment for {\\lambda}~1310 nm and biased at a lower voltage than the V br, exhibits the sensitivities of ?닋18.9 and ?닋15.3 dBm for 30 and 35 Gb/s, respectively, and ?닋13.9 dBm for 40 Gb/s at a 10?닋12 bit error rate. The experimental results indicate that considerable improvement in a module performance can be expected by utilizing the Ge-on-Si APD operated in the NDR region with a properly customized TIA.
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1310 nm, 40 gb/s, 50 GB, Avalanche Photodetector, Bit Error Rate(And BER), Breakdown voltage(BDV), Current-voltage, Ge-on-Si, Initialization Vector(IV), Negative differential resistance(NDR), Optical alignment