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학술대회 Implementation of TLS and DTLS on Zephyr OS for IoT Devices
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이윤경, 김영호, 김정녀
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2018, pp.1292-1294
18HH4900, (2세부) IoT 인프라 공격 확산 방어를 위한 상황 적응형 보안 자율제어 기술개발, 김정녀
Zephyr OS is the real-time operating system for IoT devices, first released in 2016 by the Linux Foundation. Zephyr OS is expected to be widely used in IoT devices because it has various advantages such as small footprint, efficient memory management function and various board driver support. In addition, network security is indispensable because device-to-device networking is essential due to the nature of IoT devices. Therefore, although Zephyr OS provides API that can use TLS/DTLS using Mbed TLS library, it needs to be implemented directly to apply TLS/DTLS optimized for IoT devices and services. In this paper, we implemented a TLS and DTLS client operating on Zephyr OS and confirmed that it works on actual board.
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Board driver, Device to Device(D2D), Driver support, IoT Devices, Memory management, Real-Time Operating System, management function, network security, small footprint