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학술대회 Two Applications of Carbon Nanotube Paste Emitters: Nano-focus, and High-flux Vacuum-sealed X-ray Tubes
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정진우, 강준태, 박소라, 김재우, 윤기남, 고은솔, 이정웅, 전효진, 안유정, 연지환, 김성희, 송윤호
International Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference (IVNC) 2018, pp.1-2
18ZB1200, 임플란터블 능동 전자소자 원천기술 개발, 이정익
The printed carbon nanotube (CNT) paste emitters were applied to two types of vacuum-sealed X-ray tubes for several hundred-nanometer-resolution non-destructive testing (NDT) and cone-beam breast computed tomography (CB-BCT) applications. A single dot CNT emitter of 200 micrometer in diameter was made for a small focal spot size of NDT imaging meanwhile a 983-dots array was for a high current of CB-BCT imaging. The electron beam emitted from the single dot emitter in the nano-focus X-ray tube is strongly focused to a small focal spot size of 1 micrometer or less in diameter by help of electrostatic and magnetic focusing lenses, and the 983 emitters produce a large field emission current over 200 mA with a moderate focal spot, tentatively applicable to CB-BCT imaging. The printed CNT emitters can be used for a variety of electron sources from several hundred-nanometer focusing to high-flux xray tubes.
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Carbon nano-tube(CNT), Computed tomography(C.T), Electron Beam, High current, High-flux, Large field, Magnetic focusing, NDT imaging, Nondestructive testing, Spot size, carbon nanotube paste