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학술지 Improved Adhesion of Multi-layered Front Electrodes of Transparent a-Si: H Solar Cells for Varying Front Colors
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이다정, 임정욱, 신명훈, 김가영, 윤선진
Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, v.183, pp.92-100
18PB4300, 양면발전 효율 8.5 % 및 투과도 20%를 갖고 다양한 색상 구현이 가능한 박막 실리콘 기반의 완전투광형 투명 태양전지 기술 개발, 임정욱
A low temperature deposition process was developed to fabricate ultra-thin, transparent, multi-layered electrodes (TMEs) suitable to be used on variously shaped flexible substrates, as those utilized in the transparent solar cells of building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems. The fabricated TMEs consisted of a bottom layer (BL) of gallium doped zinc oxide (GZO), an Ag-layer, and optoelectronic-controlling layers (OCLs) of GZO; and exhibited a high transmittance of 90% at 550 nm, and a low sheet resistance of 9.4 廓/sq. at the thickness of ~ 100 nm. Because the Ag of TMEs easily detach from inorganic or amorphous surfaces, the GZO-BL was chemically treated in a diluted acetic and nitric acid mixture (10:2) to generate changes in its surface energy and improve the Ag adhesion. To quantitatively evaluate the Ag adhesion of TMEs, we proposed and conducted a tape pull-out adhesion test, and found the optimum GZO-BL texturing condition. The developed TMEs were used as the front transparent conductive electrodes of transparent a-Si:H solar cells to tune their reflection colors. By changing the thickness of the OCL, a wide range of colors was obtained without serious efficiency variations, as was predicted by optical simulations. The fabricated transparent cells show a high efficiency of 4.8%, as well as a high average transmittance of ~ 20% in the visible range. The developed TME structure, using the proposed deposition process, can be fabricated on various substrates and can be applied to devices that require a variety of colors such as BIPVs, wearable PVs, and the PVs of moving vehicles.
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Acid mixture, Adhesion test, Ag adhesion, Amorphous surfaces, Building-integrated photovoltaics, Flexible substrate, Gallium doped zinc oxide(GZO), High transmittance, Low temperature(LT), Low temperature deposition, Moving Vehicle