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학술대회 Detection of High-Risk Intoxicated Passengers in Video Surveillance
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이재영, 최성록, 임재호
International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal-based Surveillance (AVSS) 2018, pp.283-303
18GS1100, 철도역사 안전관리 지능형 인지시스템 기술 개발 , 이재영
In this paper, we present a method that is able to detect abnormal behavior of intoxicated people in surveillance videos. We first describe typical behavior patterns of intoxicated people in videos and derive two visual features that distinguish them effectively. We define a motion efficiency as one feature to capture intoxicated motion and the aspect ratio of a bounding box of an object as the other to detect intoxicated postures. For the computation of the proposed visual features, the method detects and tracks individual pedestrians in videos and evaluates their motion trajectories and pose trajectories, respectively. The experimental results on the test dataset on railway platform show that the proposed method is able to detect drunken passengers effectively and robustly in a real environment.
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Abnormal behavior, Bounding Box, High risk, Motion trajectory, Real environment, Surveillance video, Visual features, aspect ratio, behavior pattern, video surveillance