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학술대회 JPEG Pleno: A Standard Framework for Representing and Signalling Plenoptic Modalities
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Peter Schelkens, Zahir Y. Alpaslan, Touradj Ebrahimi, 오관정, Fernando M. B. Pereira, Antonio M. G. Pinheiro, Ioan Tabus, Zhibo Chen
SPIE Optical Engineering and Applications 2018 (SPIE 10752), pp.1-10
In recent years, we have observed the advent of plenoptic modalities such as light fields, point clouds and holography in many devices and applications. Besides plenty of technical challenges brought by these new modalities, a particular challenge is arising at the horizon, namely providing interoperability between these devices and applications, and - in addition - at a cross-modality level. Based on these observations the JPEG committee (ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG1 and ITU-T SG16) has initiated a new standardization initiative - JPEG Pleno - that is intended to define an efficient framework addressing the above interoperability issues. In this paper, an overview is provided about its current status and future plans.
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Current status, Efficient framework, ITU-T, Point clouds, Technical Challenges, cross-modality, light field