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학술대회 Wake-Up Latency Evaluation of IEEE 802.11ba WUR System
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황성현, 김이고르, 강규민, 박승근
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2018, pp.880-882
18HR1300, Free Band 및 비면허대역 활성화를 위한 상호공존 기술 및 분석 툴 개발, 강규민
In this paper, we describe the coexistence technologies between legacy Wi-Fi and WUR Wi-Fi discussed in IEEE 802.11ba group, and perform a numerical evaluation of the wake-up latency considering the WUR signaling procedure and different load from co-existing legacy Wi-Fi devices. We consider two modes of operation for WUR capable devices, i.e. normal mode and duty cycle mode. The value of WUR ACK timeout does not critically affect the wake-up latency. Performance results also show that the duty cycle based operation mode is more preferable for low network load scenarios because it achieves similar delay performance with the normal mode, but requires less energy consumption. In contrast, the delay for duty cycle mode drastically increases with the load of co-existing legacy Wi-Fi network, but decreases more energy consumption.
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Duty cycle(DC), IEEE 802.1, Network load, Normal Mode, Wi-Fi devices, Wi-Fi network, delay performance, energy consumption, latency evaluation, load scenarios, modes of operation