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학술대회 Boosting Edge Computing Performance Through Heterogeneous Manycore Systems
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람닉, 차승준, 전승협, 정연정, 김진미, 정성인, 백상헌
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2018, pp.922-924
18HS2500, 매니코어 기반 초고성능 스케일러블 OS 기초연구 (차세대OS기초연구센터), 정성인
The rapid development of advanced mobile applications, Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile communication technology has led to the emergence of edge computing. The paradigm shift from centralized cloud computing towards edge computing has been driven by the need to efficiently support compute intensive and delay sensitive tasks for resource and capacity constrained mobile devices and sensors, by running the applications in close proximity to the users. A number of hardware, software and hyper converged infrastructure solutions have been proposed for supporting edge computing. However, supporting massively parallel workloads for increasingly large number of mobile devices and applications can be a challenging issue. In this paper, we highlight how the features and capabilities of manycore servers can be leveraged to provide efficient edge computing services. We also discuss the key features and research challenges for supporting the computation, communication and caching (i.e. 3C) services on manycore systems.
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Cloud Computing, Internet of thing(IoT), Key features, Many-core systems, Massively parallel, Mobile Application(APP), Mobile devices, Paradigm Shift, Rapid development, Research Challenges, Sensitive Tasks