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학술지 A Novel Approach to Ambient Energy (Thermoelectric, Piezoelectric and Solar-TPS) Harvesting: Realization of a Single Structured TPS-fusion Energy Solar-TPS) Harvesting: Realization of a Single Structured TPS-fusion Energy
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Venkatraju Jella, Swathi Ippili, 엄지호, 김윤정, 김혜진, 윤순길
Nano Energy, v.52, pp.11-21
Organic-inorganic lead halide perovskite (MAPbI3) has shown remarkable photovoltaic performance along with unique properties such as ambipolar nature, ferroelectric and ultra-high Seebeck coefficient with low thermal conductivity. The exclusive properties of MAPbI3 enable to use as a fusion energy conversion material for harvesting of ambient energy such as the thermal, mechanical and solar energy. Many researchers have focused on each of these topics separately. This paper demonstrates a flexible single structured TPS-fusion energy device comprising of interdigitated electrodes (IDEs) and MAPbI3 to harvest thermal, mechanical and solar energy. A TPS-device is individually operated as a thermoelectric, piezoelectric, and solar (TPS)-energy harvester by independently applying a thermal gradient, mechanical force and solar energy. The TPS-device as a thermoelectric generator is exhibited the higher thermoelectric output performance in in-plane temperature gradient than out-of-plane temperature gradient. The obtained piezoelectric output values of the TPS-device as a piezoelectric generator under periodic applied pressure are 1.47 V and 0.56 쨉A. The TPS-based photovoltaic device is generated an open-circuit voltage of 0.77 V and a short-circuit current density of 0.022 mA/cm2. This conceptual demonstration of fusion energy harvesting device using IDE-based structure with light active ambipolar material could introduce innovative approaches in fusion-conversion energy technology.
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Ambipolar material, Applied pressure, Conversion material, Energy Conversion, Energy Harvesting(EH), Energy devices, Energy technology, Fusion energy, In-plane, Lead halide perovskite, Low thermal conductivity